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High Flow vs. Low Flow: Only the Meter Knows

High Flow vs. Low Flow: Only the Meter Knows

Farmers and irrigators can benefit from flow meters, their data, and the potential savings to be had by installing the right meter. Different meters benefit both low flow and high flow applications in varying irrigation methods.

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Mag Meters for Water Transfer and Fracking Applications

Water Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry The oil and gas industry has some of the harshest, most corrosive flow media a meter can measure; crude oil, slurries, hydrogen sulfide (sour gas), and more. These applications demand a durable meter to measure and report...

Dewatering Flow Measurement: Considerations in Meter Selection

What is dewatering? Dewatering is any removal of water from a pit, underground utility, foundation, or substructure, and can be found in industries like mining, mineral processing, municipal wastewater, and construction. It’s often done to improve the ground quality,...

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