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High Flow vs. Low Flow: Only the Meter Knows

High Flow vs. Low Flow: Only the Meter Knows

Farmers and irrigators can benefit from flow meters, their data, and the potential savings to be had by installing the right meter. Different meters benefit both low flow and high flow applications in varying irrigation methods.

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3 Contributing Factors to McCrometer’s Low Lead Times

McCrometer maintains low lead times during the current supply chain crisis when many manufacturers are encountering issues acquiring raw materials resulting in delayed shipments. The capability to manufacture and ship out flow meters in a timely manner is crucial for...

The UltraLiner™: McCrometer’s Fusion-Bonded Flow Meter Liner

Electromagnetic (mag) technology is highly accurate, is offered in a full bore and insertion style, and is a well-known option for metering. Mag meter technology offers significant convenience and value-added features for municipal, industrial, and even agriculture...

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