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Blog Home » The FPI Mag and ProComm GO: A Versatile New Opportunity for Water and Wastewater Applications

The FPI Mag and ProComm GO: A Versatile New Opportunity for Water and Wastewater Applications

The FPI Mag®, McCrometer’s versatile, one-of-a-kind electromagnetic (mag) flow meter has satisfied metering project goals in the water and wastewater industry for years. While it has undergone minor changes and improvements to the overall design, such as the addition of bi-directional flow reading, the biggest improvements to the FPI Mag’s capabilities come from the evolution of the electronics.

Until recently, the FPI Mag has mainly been paired with the ProComm™, the proprietary converter (also referred to as a transmitter) released by McCrometer in 2019. However, upon the launch of the ProComm GO™ in 2021, the second converter to the mags electronics suite, McCrometer seized the opportunity to expand compatibility and accommodate the FPI Mag.

An FPI Mag in a blue pipe.

An FPI Mag, previously only available with the ProComm.

The Evolution of the ProComm GO

The market has always had a need for battery-powered mag meters, as many critical metering locations are without a reliable power source. Upon launch of the original ProComm converter, the engineering team took the opportunity to utilize a similar housing, software, and hardware, and release ProComm GO. Originally compatible only with the Dura Mag™ and McMag3000™, the ProComm GO’s hardware withstands rugged, harsh environments common in the agriculture industry. Observing the unit’s field-tested durability in irrigation applications, McCrometer expanded compatibility across the mag product line.

This expansion gives continuity to customers already familiar with McCrometer’s products and allows the meter and converter package further application compatibility, as the range of features combined with battery power suit the needs of municipal customers with remote metering locations.

What Flow Measurement Applications are Ideal for the FPI Mag with ProComm GO?

The FPI Mag’s design thrives in tough applications and installation locations prominent in water and wastewater verticals such as trunk mains, network distribution, and reservoirs. The ability to hot-tap the meter using a ball valve prevents the need to shut down systems, cut pipe, weld flanges, and incur expenses that coincide with time-consuming construction projects. The addition of the ProComm GO to the existing solution grants features such as:

  • Battery power (AC and DC also available)
  • AMI/AMR smart outputs
  • Remote-mount display
  • Datalogger
  • And more!

The battery-powered unit is designed with a self-managing optical display that conserves power and can be mounted remotely from the FPI Mag, perfect for installation in vaults, pits, and other inaccessible sites. Metering locations with unattainable power sources will find value in this meter and electronics package, as it provides a convenient, reliable measurement solution for engineers and operators wanting a quick installation and uninterrupted monitoring.

A man installing a flow meter in a municipal water vault.

A member of McCrometer’s Technical Support staff installing an FPI Mag in a municipal vault.


The FPI Mag and ProComm GO: Diagnostic Tool

Metering applications in water networks and distribution management can also install multiple FPI Mags as a diagnostic tool to identify water loss and leakage. The ProComm GO offers a datalogger with 5 years of storage with access via a mini-USB port, allowing operators and engineers the convenience of flow data over a period of time and the ability to pull that data and compare it to other flow meters in the area. The FPI Mag’s up to ±0.5% accuracy and long lifespan provides reliable flow data to help engineers and operators meet goals for revenue billing, water loss reporting, accounting, and more.

On the wastewater side, the FPI Mag is most often implemented in water treatment and final effluent discharge applications. The FPI’s stainless steel rod construction has a fusion-bonded epoxy and stainless steel (optional Hastelloy) electrodes, resistant to corrosion and caustic flow media in wastewater.

For all applications, the ProComm GO is compatible with automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), two features that streamline data acquisition and help utility operators manage their water networks. In conjunction with the FPI Mag’s accurate and repeatable flow measurement, AMR/AMI can automate flow data, integrate that data with overall management systems, and allow water professionals to achieve billing goals, identify irregularities in flow data, and even detect and troubleshoot issues.

New Metering Opportunities

Water utility executives reap the recurring benefits of the FPI Mag with the ProComm GO to measure in retrofit projects and sites never before metered. If your flow project requires more robust electronics features, such as built-in verification (BIV) and output options such as Modbus or Hart, the ProComm converter is likely a better choice to suit your system compatibility requirements. A full list of features and functionality can be found on the McCrometer website, and for questions on applications or to request a quote, contact the factory.


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