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Propeller Flow Meters

McCrometer’s 12 Days of Discounts!

McCrometer’s 12 Days of Discounts!

McCrometer is excited to announce the 12 Days of Discounts! From December 8th – December 23rd, we’ll be announcing daily deals on social media and via email. Place your order while each offers lasts, because they’re one day only! To order, email

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Get into the Groove: McCrometer’s Grooved-End Mag Meter

We’ll share the big news upfront! McCrometer’s integrated grooved-end mag meter is the only version on the market, and it’s revolutionary for a reason. Engineered to meet customer demand, this meter launched in January 2024 and is available for order now. This...

Produced Water and Blending Flow Meter Use Case

Produced Water is a byproduct of oil production. Whether it is a byproduct of flow back or the water component of the oil separation process, produced water can be a difficult measurement point but is a very important part of the process. Several parameters make it...

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