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Blog Home » Get your Groove on Now: McCrometer’s Grooved-End Mag Meter Now Available

Get your Groove on Now: McCrometer’s Grooved-End Mag Meter Now Available

It is time to get your Groove On. McCrometer has released their innovative Electromagnetic Flow Meter with integrated Grooved End connections. Are you tired of bolting on extra flanges with Victaulic end connections welded to them? It is time consuming and makes an already heavy meter even heavier and more dangerous to maneuver. The addition of those adaptors can double the weight of the meter. Not only did McCrometer remove the need for additional flanges with adaptors on them, we also removed the flanges completely. We replaced the flanges with integrated Grooved Ends.

Are you worried about stability and ease of connection? McCrometer also welds feet to the meter to keep it from rolling and to add lift to simplify the connection process to the lay flat hose. We also increased the pressure rating on our Field Mag products to meet ANSI #150 standards for our Grooved End meters. Finally, we also upgraded our fusion bonded epoxy to allow for operating temperatures of up to 200F.

You may be asking yourself why hasn’t someone done this before? McCrometer is the only Mag Meter on the market using a fusion bonded epoxy. Our competition uses some sort of a liner that can be damaged, torn, or delaminated. These liners need to protrude through the open end of their flanges and wrap around to keep water from intruding into the flow tube internals. Consequently, they cannot use such a liner with a Victaulic type connection on them since it cannot extend through the opening and wrap around the end.

Our fusion bonded epoxy liner is not new to the market, we have sold thousands of these over more than a decade. They are durable and do not suffer the normal woes of lined meters.

The Field Mag is also available with flanges from 1.5” – 24” with ANSI #150 and ANSI #300 for most sizes. The Field Mag 3000 series utilizes our ProCommGO electronics available in battery powered, AC or DC power while the Field Mag 5000 series uses our ProComm electronics with AC or DC power.

If you are looking for a high-quality Electromagnetic Flow meter with higher temperature ratings and higher-pressure capacities that is lighter and easier to install, give our partners a call today and ask for the McCrometer Field Mag. You will not be disappointed.

For additional information about this product series, reach out to your authorized flow meter representative, your McCrometer Regional Sales Manager, or directly to the factory.

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