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Blog Home » Precision Accuracy Flow Measurement through Ultra Mag® Implementation

Precision Accuracy Flow Measurement through Ultra Mag® Implementation

The Ultra Mag is a fan favorite in numerous industries such as municipal water, power generation, oil and gas, and HVAC, amongst others. The fact that it serves such diverse customer projects means it has motivated various product updates, additions, and improvements over the years, each driven by customer feedback. Numerous beta tests and case studies have provided valuable data about flow measurement in each vertical market, allowing McCrometer’s Research & Development and Vertical Marketing teams to outpace customer demand and put the wheels in motion as soon as possible.

Closeup of multiple meters and electronics.

Ultra Mag flow meters post-manufacturing.


In the past, these product updates and additions constituted ANSI flanges to meet specification needs for industrial customers, development on the ProComm Go™ to be compatible with the Ultra Mag, and more.

Now – it takes shape as a major increase in precision accuracy measurement, up to ± 0.2% rate of flow.

Groundbreaking Precision Accuracy Mag Meter

McCrometer’s Ultra Mag has historically provided users with accurate and repeatable flow measurement up to ± 0.5%, a standard for many meters in McCrometer’s product suite, such as the V-Cone® and FPI Mag®.

Both the ± 0.5% and ± 0.2% accuracy are achieved through calibration in McCrometer’s in-house, NIST-traceable flow lab by highly skilled personnel innately familiar with mag meter technology. The Ultra Mag is the first flow meter in McCrometer’s product suite to offer such a high percentage of accuracy, chosen as the inaugural meter type due to its technology and configuration. The full-bore style of mag meter is a popular choice for municipal and industrial flow projects. The Ultra Mag’s electrode placement and advanced electronics coupled with the outstanding performance curves of the patented Ultraliner™ makes the push to high accuracy calibration an even more attractive venture.

Two meters and cables in a pipeline indoors.

Ultra Mag flow meters in McCrometer’s NIST-traceable flow lab.


In addition to precision accuracy, another factor in the Ultra Mag’s success in a variety of flow applications is measurement repeatability. The Ultra Mag offers repeatability up to ±0.05% to ±.0008 ft/s (±0.25 mm/s), whichever is greater. Reliable and repeatable measurements offer operators and engineers system predictability; when measurements have a high percentage of repeatability, any deviation from expected measurements can be seen as problematic. High-accuracy flow meters can act as diagnostic tools, alerting users to problems in their processes.

Ultra Mag Meter for Water Flow Measurement

The ± 0.2% Ultra Mag is ideal for any flow application needing absolute precision, including the following applications:

  • Water loss and leakage management
  • Distribution, storage, and trunk mains
  • Revenue and billing
  • Chill water
  • Cooling tower water
  • Effluent water
  • Raw water
  • Source water
  • Make up water
  • Dewatering
  • Wastewater
  • Potable water
  • Process water

A precision-accurate Ultra Mag is especially helpful in water applications due to the Ultraliner, McCrometer’s proprietary fusion-bonded epoxy that has a lifetime guarantee against delamination, tearing, or other issues frequently experienced by a traditional mag meter liner. Applications involving the buying or selling of water rely on dependable and accurate measurements to ensure exact billing. The ± 0.2% Ultra Mag is a robust measurement device that provides peace of mind to users concerned about their bottom line.

Unlike other mag meters on the market, the Ultraliner resists extreme corrosion in applications with abrasive debris and caustic fluids, making it an ideal meter for slurry measurement, raw water measurement, and effluents. The precision accuracy in these applications is a major benefit to users needing to report data to regulatory bodies or the state.

When You Absolutely Need to Measure It All

McCrometer’s Ultra Mag with up to ± 0.2% accuracy is available to order NOW! Contact your local authorized McCrometer representative or reach out to the McCrometer factory with questions or to receive a quote on your next flow project.

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