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Blog Home » McCrometer Service: FPI Pipe ID Measurement for the FPI Mag

McCrometer Service: FPI Pipe ID Measurement for the FPI Mag

While it’s true that McCrometer’s Technical Support and Service Department typically assists customers after the point of purchase, there also happens to be several services offered prior to the meter being manufactured.

The FPI Mag, McCrometer’s full profile insertion electromagnetic (mag) meter, provides accurate readings across the full diameter of the pipe, necessitating a meter that is manufactured specifically for the pipe for which it’s to be installed.

An easy and effective method to ensure the correct pipe ID (inside diameter) is measured and recorded is to have a McCrometer expert perform this task.

So, what is this McCrometer service, and do you need it for your flow meter project? Let’s review.

McCrometer’s Pipe ID Measurement Service

Oftentimes, getting the correct specifications of the pipe and installation site is simple and easily on-hand for the customer to provide to McCrometer, enabling an accurate project quote and manufactured meter. Customers can refer to pipe dimensions based on drawings or pipe vendor specifications if available. 

Pipe measurements on new constructions are typically for customer peace of mind, as new projects have pipe specifications planned into the flow project. However, if the flow project is an older retrofit, or involves pipes that have been in the ground for many years and the dimensions are uncertain, customers can schedule a McCrometer flow technician to visit the installation site and gather the measurements needed.

The Service and Proprietary Tool

McCrometer Service can perform the measurement in roughly 30 minutes under process conditions. Ideally, the pipe has no flow or low flow for maximum efficiency. A proprietary measurement tool is used, called the pipe caliper, which allows our flow professionals to measure the inside diameter of a pipe while the line is in service and pressurized.

A municipal water vault where a pipe ID measurement took place.

A municipal water vault where a pipe ID measurement took place.

The measurements taken with the pipe caliper are entered into the McCrometer Product Configuration Tool. The McCrometer flow technician will also factor in other critical dimensions such as tapping saddle height, pipe nipple or coupling height, cable length, and other details to ensure the meter is designed and built to the customer’s exact specifications.

Accuracy of Measurement

 The pipe caliper tool was engineered to provide an accurate measurement of the pipe ID, and professionals certified to perform the measurement service are trained to use this tool and identify additional pipeline and environmental factors.

McCrometer’s proprietary pipe caliper tool.

McCrometer’s proprietary pipe caliper tool.

For example: occasionally in pipes lined with custom linings, the material can become chipped near the tapped hole through the pipe, leading to slightly different measurements with the pipe caliper tool. Our service team is experienced in recognizing this, and many other factors, ensuring that the measurement process is performed correctly.

The Importance of an Accurately Measured FPI Mag

Proper pipe ID measurement ensures that the FPI Mag is manufactured correctly; the electrodes on the FPI have a custom placement to ensure the sensor reads at maximum accuracy. When incorrect measurements are provided during the ordering process, it can result in a custom-built product that is sized too far off to be effectively used. This can happen when a pipe ID was initially measured by an inexperienced technician to be too short or too long. When this happens, it could result in a sensor that can’t be installed properly, reports flow that is wildly inaccurate, or in some cases, is unusable.

A properly measured pipe ID leads to an accurate flow measurement tool – and one that will continually bring benefits and help you achieve your project goals. Flow data is only valuable if it has integrity and reliability, so ensuring your FPI is sized for the pipe it’s to be installed in is a crucial step in ensuring your flow meter investment pays off.

To determine if you should schedule a member of McCrometer’s Service and Technical Support team to conduct a pipe ID measurement for your upcoming FPI Mag flow project, we recommend contacting the factory.

Haven’t started your FPI Mag meter journey quite yet? Learn more about our unique and highly accurate insertion mag.

September 2, 2020

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