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V-Cone vs. Orifice Plate: Similarities and Differences

V-Cone vs. Orifice Plate: Similarities and Differences

McCrometer invented the V-Cone® in 1985 and has set a standard for cone-style meters ever since. However, despite that innovation, orifice plates are a more widely implemented differential pressure (DP) flow meter, especially when considered by engineers for flow...

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Better Solutions for Reverse Osmosis Flow Measurement

The Importance of Measuring Reverse Osmosis Flow Reverse osmosis (RO) is the process of running raw water through a system of membrane sheets that filter out suspended and dissolved particulates such as bacteria, salt, and other effluent materials, producing pure...

Mag Meters for Water Transfer and Fracking Applications

Water Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry The oil and gas industry has some of the harshest, most corrosive flow media a meter can measure; crude oil, slurries, hydrogen sulfide (sour gas), and more. These applications demand a durable meter to measure and report...

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