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McCrometer’s Cyber Week 2020

McCrometer is excited to announce our first ever Cyber Week! From November 30th – December 4th, we’ll be announcing a new flash deal every day on social media and via email. Place your order while each offers lasts, because they’re one day only! To order, email and use the promo code “CYBER” to take advantage of each deal. To ensure you have time to plan and prepare to order each deal, we’re giving you the sneak peek into each deal, including our week-long offer!

Happy Cyber Week shopping!


$200 off all McMag2000 and McPropeller orders placed all week long.

Monday, November 30th

Buy 2 register boot covers, get a 3rd FREE!

*includes boot covers for mechanical and digital registers, and FlowConnect.

Tuesday, December 1st

$100 off all Mc®Mag 3000 and Dura Mag orders placed today

Wednesday, December 2nd

FREE SHIPPING on all agriculture product orders placed today.

*includes parts, kits, and meters

Thursday, December 3rd

$100 off all telemetry orders over $1,000.

Friday, December 4th

$75 off all flow straightener orders placed today.

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