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Blog Home » McCrometer’s Ag Mag Lead Times – Best in the Industry!

McCrometer’s Ag Mag Lead Times – Best in the Industry!

The flow meter market has plenty of options for flow measurement devices geared toward agriculture and irrigation, but in recent months, supply chain issues have affected many manufacturers’ ability to fulfill orders in their usual timely manner. For some, it has even led to a complete ordering freeze, cutting off irrigators and farmers from obtaining flow meters needed to provide valuable flow data.

Closeup of a meter and converter.

Dura Mag™ meters stocked at the McCrometer factory.


Luckily for those farmers and irrigators, McCrometer has maintained lead times for flow meters (yes, even our mag meters!) despite supply chain issues, wholly due to our domestic sourcing and manufacturing processes.

What are the Ag Mag Lead Times?

The below lead times may vary for special orders involving large quantities (10+), non-standard epoxy colors, non-standard lay lengths, or other customizations.

Other manufacturers of mag meters are advertising average lead times in the range of 4 – 12 weeks, experiencing major delays due to global supply chain issues.

How does McCrometer Maintain the 2-Day Lead Time for Dura Mag?

McCrometer operates on agile production processes and lean manufacturing methods which allow the factory to pre-manufacture 4” – 12” flanged styles of the Dura Mag, the most popular configuration and line sizes. The meter bodies are stocked in the factory awaiting electronics, which are programmed and calibrated with the meter as soon as the customer’s order is received.

The 2-day lead time for Dura Mag was announced in 2019, in response to the growing demand for the flanged mag in agriculture and irrigation applications.

How Does McCrometer Maintain Short Lead Times?

McCrometer maintains these impressively short lead times due to a combination of operations processes (see more about this in another blog!) and raw materials procurement. McCrometer sources pipe and other raw materials from domestic mills, ensuring that meter shipments aren’t delayed and that McCrometer’s authorized representatives and dealers are able to stock our products.

McCrometer not only sources materially domestically, but all meters are manufactured at McCrometer’s headquarters, located in Hemet, California. Meters are calibrated on-site in the NIST-traceable flow lab, eliminating the need to ship meters to an off-site lab, increasing lead times. McCrometer has been a friend of the farmer since 1955 – we are still operating in our original factory, and we pride ourselves on our products that are designed, manufactured, and calibrated in the USA.

What Our Short Lead Times Mean for You

While it’s always preferrable to have plenty of time for a flow project, sometimes that’s not the case. Meters in existing pipelines may fail, or require maintenance, and a new project’s timeline may accelerate, necessitating a metering solution sooner rather than later.

When you need a meter, and need it now, McCrometer can deliver.

What’s the Best Way to Get a McCrometer Meter Shipped Quickly?

To place a meter order with McCrometer, you can order through an authorized representative or contact the factory directly. The lead times for orders are the same, no matter which source you decide to order through.

To expedite the ordering process, we recommend having the following information on hand:

  • Inside pipe diameter
  • Outside pipe diameter
  • Desired output options
  • Desired power options
  • Desired unit of measure

Knowing this information and providing it at the time of order will allow your order to move forward smoothly, without the need to put the order on hold while waiting for necessary information.

Have questions about McCrometer’s ag mags, the ordering process, or our lead times? Reach out to the factory for more information.

Toll-Free +1-800-220-2279

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