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Blog Home » Listings » Fuji Electric France

Fuji Electric France

Fuji Electric logoOur expertise extends to all instrumentation: pressure measurement, flow measurement, level measurement, gas analysis and radiation protection.

We optimize your industrial processes and help save your energy with a wide range of instruments including pressure transmitters, level transmitters, flow meters, gas analyzers, dust analyzers, temperature regulators, dosimeters and survey meters, PLCs, touchscreen operator consoles and software and IIOT solutions.

  • Listing ID: 876
  • Contact Name: Carine Nora
  • Markets: Industrial, Municipal, Oil & Gas
  • RSM Name: Tim Door
  • Geography Served: France, Algeria, Tunisa, Morocco
Contact details

46 Rue Georges Besse, Clermont FerradZl du Brezet,France,63039 : +33 (0)6 08 95 24 16